3 Essential Indian Foods In Your Diet And Their Health Benefits

August 20, 2020 0 Comments

It is difficult to design the perfect healthy Indian diet. There is so much variation in climate and availability that no one diet plan can suit everyone. This problem is compounded by the fact that health conditions may mean that you are not able to eat some foods. Furthermore, a lot of options are not available to vegetarians.

In light of these factors, we have prepared a list of 12 common Indian foods that must be a part of every diet. Note that if you suffer from any health condition, always ask your doctor about what you can and cannot include from this list.

12 Essential Indian Foods In Your Diet

1. Chillies

Fresh chillies are an excellent source of vitamin C, much more than most fruits. If you like spicy food, you are in luck here. For those averse to hot spicy recipes, there are plenty of less “hot” chillies available that can provide the same benefits without the burning sensation. Fresh chillies also boost metabolism.

Health benefits of Chillies:

  • Chilli contains up to seven times the vitamin C level of an orange and has a range of health benefits, including fighting sinus congestion, aiding digestion and helping to relieve migraines and muscle, joint and nerve pain.
  • Chilli has long been used to reduce food micro-contamination and is also considered a potential metabolism booster for weight loss.
  • It may also play a role in treating lung and prostate cancer and leukaemia.

2. Leafy Vegetables

Green leafy vegetables are already popular in the Indian diet. But they ought to be used more. Spinach (Palak) is found all over the country throughout the year. Cabbages are also found around the year in most places now. Further, depending on where in the country you live, there are hundreds of local varieties of leafy greens just waiting to be included in your diet. These vegetables are loaded with iron, vitamin K, and other essential minerals and nutrients that help prevent a load of diseases, including cancer.

Health benefits of Leafy Vegetables:

  • Mustard greens and kale help lower cholesterol.
  • Leafy vegetables preserve vision health and decreases the risk of cataracts and increase how far you can see.
  • Leafy vegetables help fuel your body to produce energy.
  • The slightly bitter taste of many leafy greens is a good sign: It reflects their high levels of calcium.

3. Garlic

Garlic is not only flavourful, but is also renowned for its many healing properties. It is a primary source of natural anti-bacterial agents.

Health benefits of Garlic: 

  • Garlic contains a compound Called Allicin, which has potent medicinal properties
  • Consuming garlic on a daily basis (in food or raw) helps to lower cholesterol levels because of the anti-oxidant properties of Allicin.
  • The invigorating properties of garlic protect the skin from the effect of free radicals and slow down the depletion of collagen which leads to loss of elasticity in ageing skin.

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